Welcome to biomedical-illustration.com.

A few years ago I was a freelance scientific illustrator, and before that I was a staff illustrator, illustrating and animating medical subject matter. This web site was my portfolio site.

I started receiving emails from art students, scientists and other people asking how to become scientific illustrators themselves, so I started adding information to the site that I wished I had knows when I got started, links to helpful resources and a really good book or two on the subject. And when I responded to email queries about the business I would also put the information up on this site for others wondering about the same questions.

At some point the informational part of this site took over and I decided to moved my portfolio elsewhere. (If you are here looking for my portfolio, it is here. I am now working only in fine art.)

If you have come here for information about scientific or medical illustration, how to promote yourself, where to go to school, or how to select an artist for your project, etc., I hope this site helps you in your endeavors.

Artist's Resources

Self promotion: Self promotion resources for Scientific Illustrators and related Artists & Designers.

Definitions: What is Scientific or Medical Illustration? And other FAQ.

Freelance Business Resources: Business contracts and other resources for freelance artists.

Education: Education for scientific and medical illustrators. From Certificate programs to Graduate school, in North America and Europe.

Online Resources: Resources for freelancing as an artist.

Books: Books for scientific illustrators, natural science illustrators and medical illustrators.

Software: Software for freelance illustrators and designers.

Jobs: Jobs, job market information and job banks. Jobs for illustrators, designers and art teachers.

Art: Museums & Galleries.

Societies: Medical and scientific illustration societies.
Botanical illustration societies.

Art Buyer's Resources

Artist Directory: Find an artist. Directory of illustrators, designers and painters.

Presentation Help: The art and science of presentations - make your presentations shine.

Commissioning Information: How to commission illustrations, and other FAQ .

Book Illustration: How to get your book illustrated.

Science Lessons: Where to find or create Science lesson plans.

Associations: Writing associations.

Resources: Science resources.
Healthcare resources.


Summer workshop announcements! International painting workshops announced in the education section (along with scientific & medical illustration certificate, B.A. and M.F.A. programs). <more>